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Wrinkle fillers and facial fillers

Wrinkle fillers are aesthetic medicine treatments, that branch of medical science that deals with the treatment and smoothing of blemishes to preserve beauty and youth for as long as possible and in a noninvasive and, most importantly, pain-free manner with reduced side effects. Also referred to as facial fillers, these medical devices are formulated to stimulate skin rejuvenation, redefine facial volumes, and diminish the signs of aging, on all wrinkles and sagging skin.

Facial wrinkle fillers are true medical devices; therefore, their application of the products is the sole preserve of professional health professionals with appropriate qualifications.


What is a wrinkle filler

Wrinkle fillers are a widely used treatment to counteract the signs of aging without having to resort to the invasive treatments typical of cosmetic surgery. In fact, their use consists of aninjection of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other vitamin, enzyme, protein, and/or amino acid mixes by qualified medical personnel in simple outpatient sessions.

Facial wrinkle fillers owe their success to the special filling action they exert on the depressions in the skin caused by advancing age. Filler really means “filler”-in fact, hyaluronic acid injections offer the possibility of plumping up volumes and wrinkles, giving new firmness and youthfulness to facial skin, slowing down cellular aging, the main culprit of skin imperfections.

Hyaluronic acid fillers and other facial fillers

Among the best wrinkle fill ers we undoubtedly find hyaluronic acid fillers. The latter is a valuable molecule produced by our body to moisturize and protect tissues, lubricate joints and maintain good skin hydration.

For this very reason, hyaluronic acid treatments and injections are widely used to stimulate the skin rejuvenation process, as well as to treat joint problems through infiltrations with so-called joint fillers. All without risk of complications, thanks to hyaluronic acid’s high compatibility with our bodies.

A facial filler treatment based on hyaluronic acid allows through simple subcutaneous injections to level out wrinkle imperfections, including those medium and deep, to smooth out any scars and sculpt volumes and contours, while also offering the advantage of not altering the features of patients undergoing the therapy. In fact, hyaluronic acid fillers act as a powerful biostimulant that provides tone, hydration, and filler.

This is also why hyaluronic acid is not only used for wrinkle fillers. Numerous lip fillers, face fillers, and neck fill ers are specifically designed to define volume and better delineate facial contours in a natural way. In addition, besides hyaluronic acid facial infiltrations, there are many wrinkle fillers based on collagen, vitamins, enzymes-all medical devices that can be found on BodyPharm’s online shop dedicated to the most innovative facial fillers for skin rejuvenation treatments.

Wrinkle fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers and other devices on BodyPharm

BodyPharm’s online shop offers a large catalog of facial fillers for sale online. The selection boasts some of the most innovative aesthetic medicine formulations, prized by doctors and qualified personnel not only as the best remedy for wrinkles and skin aging, but also as a form of prevention.

In fact, the many antiaging action formulas selected by BodyPharm include the best face and body fillers on the market, available for purchase online with express delivery in 1-2 business days.

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