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TEOXANE TEOSYAL Puresense Ultra Deep (2×1.2ml)

Volumizing Face

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Teosyal® Pure Sense Ultra Deep is the second most powerful treatment in the Teosyal® range. Although it is one of the most expensive products in the line, it is also one of the longest lasting, designed for high volume treatments

* The application of the product is reserved only for professional health workers with appropriate qualifications.


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USE THE MEDICAL STRICT. Medical device. Hyaluronic acid injection. Use restricted to dermatologists and aesthetic physicians because they require a medical procedure.


TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, transparent, visceral cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel of nonanimal origin.


  • Ago : 25G 25.
  • Conditioning: 2 x 1, 2 ml.
  • Each package contains one or two prefilled syringes of TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP.
  • For each syringe, the package contains two sterile 25 G1 “needles and two stitches.


  • Volumizing. GENTLE REMODELING.
  • RESTORE the volumes of the face. REMODEL the contours of the face. CORRECTION of deep wrinkles on thick skin.
  • Volume creation in target regions. With strong viscoelastic and cohesive properties, TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP is suitable for creating volume in targeted areas (cheekbones, chin …), redefining facial contours and filling deep wrinkles for thick skin.
  • Reconstructive surgery: filling of marks due to scars, reconstruction of volumes lost due to reconstructive surgery: filling of marks due to scars, reconstruction of volumes lost due to lipoatrophy.


TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP is indicated for augmentation of cheeks, cheekbones and facial contours. Correction of mild ptosis, for filling deep facial wrinkles on thick skin.


Durability: 12 months.


Injection area: subcutaneous or pre-periosteal


Cross-linked 5/6 AH 25 mg/g + Lidocain 0.3%.

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 25 mg.
  • Cross linking degree 5/6.
  • Phosphate buffer pH7.3 qsp 1 ml.


TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP injects at varying depths depending on the area to be treated: it varies from adipose tissues. Injects into deep dermis or subcutaneous tissues, from subcutaneous to pre-periosteal areas of the face.
TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP creates volume that fills in the wrinkles we want to correct and restores volume to the face. It is biodegradable and slowly reabsorbs over time.


And an exclusive range of anti-wrinkle fillers based on hyaluronic acid injectable form. TEOSYAL ® is 100% hyaluronic acid-based.
This is a biodegradable and resorbable non-animal origin.
With the Teosyal ® range, you can redefine the features and shape the contours of the face as gently and naturally as possible.
TEOXANE products are anti-wrinkle fillers based on 100% absorbable, non-animal hyaluronic acid.
The viscoelastic and moisturizing qualities Teosyal ® allows the skin to regain natural softness, elasticity and tone.
Le Teoxane laboratories guarantee hyaluronic acid gel of extreme purity goes far beyond the standards required by législation.pour optimal safety.


  • REDENSITY I PureSense Redensity [I] non cross linked 15 mg/g – 3 x1 ml ou 2 x 1 ml – The skin redensification treatment.
  • MESO 15 mg/ml non-cross linked -2 x 1 ml – Mesotherapy – Hydration and revitalization.


  • FIRST LINE 20 mg/g – cross linked 1/5 – 2 x 0.7 ml – The correction of superficial wrinkles.
  • TOUCH UP 25 mg/g – cross linked 3/5 – 2 x 0.5 ml – The perfect finish.
  • GLOBAL 25 mg/g – cross linked 3/5 – 2 x 1 ml – Simpler filling.
  • DEEP 25 mg/g – cross linked 3/5 – 2 x 1 ml – The depth correction.


  • ULTRA DEEP 25 mg/g – cross linked 4/5 – 2 x 1.2 ml – Volume creation for specific areas.
  • ULTIMATE 22 mg/g – cross linked 5/5 -2 x 1 ml – Volume restoration for large areas.


  • REDENSITY II PureSense Redensity [II] – AH Semi-cross linked 15 mg/g – 2 x 1 ml – For natural correction of dark circles.
  • KISS 25 mg/g – cross linked 4/5 – 2 x 1 ml – For perfect lips.

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