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STYLAGE BiSoft S Lidocaine 2×0.8ml

Moisturizing Face Neck

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Stylage S Lidocaine is designed to correct fine lines and superficial wrinkles (glabellar eyebrow lines, crow’s feet, perioral lines ) by injection into the superficial and mid dermis. It instantly corrects superficial facial wrinkles.


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It is a corrective gel for deep and moderate wrinkles. Stylage S Lidocaine is distributed by VIVACY Laboratories and is part of a full range of Stylage S, Stylage L, and Stylage XL aesthetic treatments, which have different concentrations of hyaluronic acid

Stylage S Lidocaine is designed to correct fine lines and superficial wrinkles (glabellar brow lines, crow’s feet, perioral lines ) by injection into the superficial and mid dermis.

This product is also used for medium to deep filling of nasolabial folds, smoothing sagging and wrinkles, cheek lines, marionette lines, lowering nasal elevation of nasal tips and nasal bumps, or for ear touch-ups.

Stylage S Lidocaine is indicated for the apparent rejuvenation of the hands, especially in cases of volume loss on the backs of the hands.


Reshaping a face, erasing some wrinkles and imperfections, restoring hydration, skin tone and firmness, and brightening the complexion are constantly renewed requests from women and men who want to preserve their youthful capital.

♻️ The Stylage S Lidocaine is composed of biodegradable ingredients.

The Stylage S uses IPN Like Technology.


STYLAGE S Lidocaine
Composition Cross-linked hyaluronic acid + antioxidant + lidocaine (0.3%)
Concentration 16 mg/g
Volume 2 x 0.8 ml
Needles 30 G 1/2
Directions Medium and fine wrinkles
Storage 2°C to 25°C
Shelf life 9 months and more


– 2 pre-filled 0.8ml syringes Needles 30G1/2

– Composed of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid concentrated at 20mg/g

– IPN-Like technology that extends its service life

– Hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin’s natural long-term hydration

– Mannitol distributes the gel evenly

– Trace elements compensate for vitamin deficiencies that cause dermal sagging


Targeted areas

– Crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes and periorbital wrinkles

– Fine wrinkles of the jugular

– The glabella

– The contour of the mouth

– Lips


Application protocol

Contraindications: 5 days before the injection, stop taking anticoagulants and anti-inflammatories. Not suitable for minors, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people with skin inflammation or an allergic background

Depth of application: the Stylage S Lidocaine should be injected between the superficial and mid dermis to best treat fine and medium wrinkles

Duration of effectiveness: 9 to 12 months, although some require touch-up within 30 days

Please note! This procedure should be performed by a qualified professional


Tolerance and effectiveness

Products in the Stylage range have proven their biocompatibility according to the international standard ISO 10993.
Optimization of the gel structure by IPN-Like® technology generates a product with equivalent remanence for lower crosslinking agent content.

In addition, the presence of an antioxidant reduces the intensity of post-injection inflammatory reactions.

Injection should be performed by a qualified professional Stylage S Lidocaine is composed of lidocaine for optimal comfort. The doctor may also use anesthetic cream to make the injection session as comfortable as possible.

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