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STYLAGE BiSoft XXL 2x1ml

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  • STYLAGE ® XXL is specially designed for facial volume restoration and/or creation, and its injection is performed into the subcutaneous fat.

    To improve patient comfort during the procedure, VIVACY has introduced a new local anesthetic, mepivacaine, in the STYLAGE ® XXL Be-Soft formulation.

    * The application of the product is reserved only for professional health workers with appropriate qualifications.



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Stylage XXL 2x1ml is used to increase or restore facial volumes (oval of the vico, cheeks, mild ptosis, lipodystrophies of the face). This gel also allows deep wrinkle fillers on thick skin (subcutaneous or deep dermal injection).


As we age, wrinkles harden our face. In addition, volume loss represents one of the most proven forms of facial aging. It can be due to the severity, distribution and skin loss of fat, hormonal imbalance, repeated sun exposure, smoking, etc.

Stylage XL and XXL are products composed of injectable hyaluronic acid, created specifically to restore volume to your face,restore a more harmonious balance to your features, lift cheekbones, cheeks, jaws and chin for a more youthful appearance.
Following careful observation of your face, your practitioner will be able to determine the best Stylage correction solution for you.

Targeted areas

This product can be used on:

  • The oval of the face
  • Cheeks
  • Cheekbones


This volumizing product is injected with a needle into the deep dermis-periosteum as a bolus.

It will be necessary to consult a licensed professional to perform this technique.

Results of Stylage XXL 2x1ml

Due to its high concentration and high cross-linking rate, this gel will allow to obtain very volumizing results specifically for:

  • Redefining the oval of the face
  • Restore facial volume (cheeks)
  • Projecting cheekbones

The effects are instantaneous and last an average of +12 months. This treatment requires no interruption of social life.

Composition of Stylage XXL 2x1ml

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid, IPN-Like, mannitol
  • Concentration: 21 mg/g
  • Needle: 27 G1/2, 25 G40
  • 2 x 1 mL syringes

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