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Shoulder injections : cortisone and collagen to get rid of inflammation and pain and regain mobility

md shoulder guna collagen shoulder injections - infiltrazioni alla spalla

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Shoulder infiltrations are an established medical practice to address various joint disorders, including pain, inflammation, and functional limitations. This guide explores two main types of shoulder injections–cortisone and collagen–highlighting their use in the joint recovery process, with a special focus on the innovative approach represented by MD Shoulder Guna.

Cortisone infiltrations: the first step in recovery

Cortisone infiltrations have long and widely used to combat inflammation in the shoulder joint, offering rapid relief from pain and functional limitation. These shoulder injections, containing corticosteroid drugs, are indicated in the presence of:

  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Joint problems
  • Calcifications

The procedure involves injecting the drug directly into the area affected by inflammation, usually under radiographic or ultrasound guidance to maximize accuracy and efficacy. However, it is critical to limit the number of infiltrations to a maximum of four per year because of the potential side effects of cortisone, such as tissue atrophy and increased blood glucose.

Collagen infiltrations: regeneration and support

Collagen infiltrations, on the other hand, represent a relatively new approach aimed at repairing and regenerating damaged tissue. Collagen, a protein critical for tissue integrity, is injected directly into the injured area to act as a scaffold for new tissue growth. collagen md shoulder guna - collageneThis treatment is particularly indicated for:

  • Joint pain
  • Arthrosis
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgical repair

Innovation in Guna MD-Shoulder collagen infiltration

MD Shoulder Guna collagen infiltrations stand out in the landscape of shoulder therapeutic solutions. MD Shoulder Guna is medical device, based on porcine collagen type I, offers an integrated treatment that combines barrier and lubricating effects with mechanical support, thus promoting functional recovery and pain reduction.

Administration and Operation of MD Shoulder injections

MD Shoulder collagen infiltrations can be delivered via peri-articular or intra-articular injections, depending on the specific clinical need. This approach effectively addresses joint mobility and pain issues by supporting muscle structures and promoting muscle relaxation.
The therapy involves 1 to 2 weekly treatments for a 10-week cycle, with the option of combining MD Shoulder collagen solution with other medical devices of the same brand–such as MD Muscle, MD Poly, MD Neural–for a customized approach to recovery.

Cortisone and collagen infiltrations for a healthy shoulder

Shoulder infiltrations, both cortisone and collagen, are valuable therapeutic tools in the treatment of joint disorders. While cortisone infiltrations focus on reducing inflammation and pain, collagen infiltrations, such as MD Shoulder infiltrations, aim at tissue regeneration and functional improvement. The choice of treatment will depend on the specific diagnosis, the patient’s symptoms, and the therapeutic goal, emphasizing the importance of a personalized, evidence-based medical approach.


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