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STYLAGE M Be-Soft Lidocaine 2X1ml


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Stylage M (2x1ml) is distributed by Vivacy Laboratories. This deep to moderate wrinkle correcting gel belongs to a complete range of aesthetic treatments: Stylage S, Stylage L and Stylage XL, with different concentrations of hyaluronic acid.

Due to the performance of the technologies used, an annual injection is sufficient to restore subsidence and fill cracks. Perfectly tolerated because it consists of biodegradable ingredients, Stylage M can also be used for lip or nasal reshaping.

Product properties

Stylage M is composed of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid concentrated at 20mg/g. The use of IPN-like® technology lengthens the duration of action while the use of hydrophobic hyaluronic acid, stimulates the skin’s natural long-term hydration.

The addition of Mannitol allows the gel to distribute evenly, and trace elements remedy vitamin deficiencies responsible for dermal fatigue.

Targeted areas

This elixir is suitable for correction of the entire face:

– Eyebrow grooming

– Crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes and periorbital wrinkles

– Remodeling of nasal tips and bumps

– Re-inclination of the nose

– Wrinkles of cheeks, nose and lips

– Filling in the cheeks

– Increased lip volume

Implementation protocol

To be effective on moderate or marked wrinkles, Stylage M must be injected between the mid dermis and the deep dermis.

Please note: Although severe cases require a touch-up within 30 days, the action of the gel lasts an average of 9 months.

The act must necessarily be performed by a licensed professional.

Bruising and swelling sometimes occur after the injection; therefore, it is recommended to stop taking anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory medications five days before the session.

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