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STYLAGE Be-Soft XXL Mepivacaine 2x1ml


STYLAGE ® XXL is specially designed for facial volume restoration and/or creation, and its injection is performed into the subcutaneous fat.

To improve patient comfort during the procedure, VIVACY has introduced a new local anesthetic, mepivacaine, in the STYLAGE ® XXL Be-Soft formulation.

* The application of the product is reserved only for professional health workers with appropriate qualifications.


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STYLAGE ® XXL is specially designed to restore and/or create facial volume with injections into subcutaneous fat.

To improve patient comfort during surgery, VIVACY has introduced a new local anesthetic, Mepivacaine, in the STYLAGE ® XXL formulation.

Innovative patented formula.

Mepivacaine is a local anesthetic in the same family as lidocaine. Synthesized in 1957 and marketed in France in 1964, it is used primarily in dentistry and is known to induce less vasodilation than lidocaine.

It has been integrated into STYLAGE ® XXL to provide additional patient comfort during the injection procedure and post-treatment massage.

As an anesthetic, Mepivacaine is similar to lidocaine in terms of safety and efficacy. The start time (less than 5 minutes) and efficiency period (about an hour and a half) are also comparable .

According to clinical studies conducted by VIVACY, the pharmacodynamic profile (how they act on the body) and efficacy of the two molecules are generally comparable. In addition, it has been reported that Mepivacaine does not cause the vasodilatory effects of lidocaine (9).

In addition, a study of 23 healthy volunteers who received Mepivacaine by intradermal injection showed vasoconstrictor effects at concentrations ≤0.3%.

Proven efficiency

One of the goals of Laboratoires VIVACY has always been to offer physicians a complete range of products with the same properties, with or without anesthetics.

Therefore, Laboratoires VIVACY conducted a clinical study to demonstrate the equivalence of Lidocaine and Mepivacaine. Research shows that products containing Mepivacaine are as effective as products containing Lidocaine in:

  • Reduce the pain associated with injections.
  • Filling in wrinkles.

The duration is 12 months

– Restores lost facial volume
– Restoration of facial contours

-Cross-linked hyaluronic acid type IPN 21 mg/g + mannitol + Mepivacaine 0.3%
-Mannitols tasting 1g
– Phosphate buffer pH: 7.2

– 2 prefilled 1-mL syringes
– Needles: 2 X 27G 1/2, 2 X 25G 40 (cannula)

injection zone
– Increases the area of the cheekbones
Volume loss is one of the most visible forms of facial aging caused by gravity, bone remodeling, redistribution and loss of subcutaneous fat, hormonal imbalances, chronic sun exposure, smoking, and other contributing factors.

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