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STYLAGE Be-Soft Special Lips Lidocaine 1x1ml

Lip Treatment


Vivacy Laboratories has developed a unique formula to make injections less painful and to increase patient comfort.

The STYLAGE range with Lidocaine is the only one that incorporates:

  • an anesthetic (Lidocaine)
  • A natural antioxidant (Mannitol).

* The application of the product is reserved only for professional health workers with appropriate qualifications.


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Stylage Special Lips lidocaine is an injectable dermal filler based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is naturally resorbable by the body.

Stylage Special Lips lidocaine is specially created to enhance lips, gently create volume and restore lip structure lost due to aging… Unlike Styling Special Lips, this product contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that aims to reduce painful sensation in the patient during treatment. Its effect is natural and is a good alternative to surgery.

Stylage Special Lips lidocaine takes advantage of an innovative and patented technology, IPN-Like technology. The STYLAGE® range is manufactured in Paris, France, and certified of the CE mark.

Properties of the gel

Thanks to IPN-Like technology, its gel combines anti-radical and stabilizing (thermal) properties, plus it is safe due to its biocompatibility. The gel also contains Mannitol, an antioxidant with moisturizing functions that protects the treated area.

Stylage Special Lips lidocaine gel is flexible and very easy to shape for easy placement and a sensual, harmonious result. It is evenly distributed in the dermis. Its distribution is homogeneous. This product does not cause discomfort and the substance is rarely felt at the injection sites.

In addition, it involves no disruption in social life and allows resumption of daily activities shortly after if not immediately after the injection.

Targeted Zones – Stylage Range

Specifically, this product is injected into the following areas:

  • Lip contour
  • Lips (to volumize or rehydrate the lips)
  • Peribuccal wrinkles
  • Philtrum ridges (to enhance Cupid’s bow).

Contraindications: this product should not be used on

  • Patients with hypersensitivity to any of the components in the product
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Minors
  • Do not inject into areas with infectious or inflammatory skin problems.
  • Avoid areas already treated with a permanent filler.

Mode of use.

To maintain the effects of the product, it is recommended to renew the injection about every 6 to 9 months. This product is injected at the level of the mid to deep dermis.

Injection into or around the mucosa covering the lip following techniques (retrograde, microbulus) with needle or cannula. It is recommended to take a larger diameter than the needles supplied with the products.

Injection of this product should be performed by a professional trained in dermal filler injection.

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