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Wrinkle Prevention


Product based on Hyaluronic Acid fragments that can activate fibroblasts. Indicated for wrinkle prevention and facial skin rejuvenation, it is the crucial first step in all antiaging treatments.


* The application of the product is reserved only for professional health workers with appropriate qualifications.


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Skin-B is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal matrix filling and shaping solution. Class III medical device with CE mark issued by the National Institute of Health and containing: hyaluronic acid fragments (20-38 monomers), amino acids and a bicarbonate-based buffer system.


Glabella, cheekbones, nasogenienes, lower corner of the mouth, and submentomenal area.


One session every 7 days, for 4 times. Then one session every 15 days, for 2 times. Then a maintenance every 30 days.

Principle of the method

CD44 fibroblasts are activated and provide, in the surrounding environment, the necessary principles for the cell to build collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans. Biological optimization of the skin condition is achieved. In addition, matrix acidity buffering maintains the sol state of the colloidal solution by facilitating metabolic exchanges.


The most widely used medical technique to optimize skin physiology is biostimulation, which involves fibroblastic activation toward the neoformation of matrix components and normalization of its colloidal state. The introduction of the product, intradermally, involves the classic dosage schedule of mesotherapy.
The Medical Device used contains: Hyaluronic acid fragments (20-38 monomers) capable of activating CD44 of the fibroblast / Amino acid precursors of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans / Bicarbonate-based buffer system.


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