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For the treatment and prevention of infgestation from fleas for 7-8 months. Collar for cats 38cm . Gray and odorless collar.

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Seresto®is an antiparasitic collar against fleas and ticks with some special characteristics. It uses an innovative combination of materials that allows you to release low doses of the active ingredients in a controlled manner for up to 8 months. This offers high protection of the dog that is not limited to just killing fleas and ticks, but also acts by repelling ticks before they can sting, which facilitates the protection of the animal against diseases transmitted by these parasites.

Seresto has been developed on the basis of an innovative combination of materials, called “Polymer Matrix”, and with active ingredients of proven activity:

  • Possible thanks to Bayer’s experience in the fields of materials science and healthcare
  • It offers a controlled and constant release of its two active ingredients for up to 8 months, providing the dog with the continuous protection it needs

Seresto® is a simple and practical solution to the problem of fleas and ticks offering up to 8 months of protection with a single application. It is an easy way that helps you successfully keep fleas and ticks under control.

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