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MonoDermà Fillagen

Rehydration and Rejuvenation


MonoDermà Fillagen is an injectable, sterile, resorbable medical device based on hyaluronic acid with the addition of the alpha-1 polypeptide R chain of collagen, constituent substances of the extracellular matrix of the dermis, which promote the restoration of elasticity conditions due to skin depressions caused by aging or atrophic scars.

The combination of the two substances helps, also, rehydration and skin rejuvenation of the face.

Product for professional use only, read the warnings on the package insert carefully.

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Monoderma Fillagen contains collagen alpha-1 chain only, which stimulates the MATRICE-EXTRACELLULAR to produce endogenous neo-collagen.
Fillagen stimulates the regeneration of volumes lost due to aging, trauma, and post-acne scars. The presence of linear hyaluronic acid gives brightness and hydration, improving skin elasticity.
The absence of chemical or animal cross-linking substances provides toxicological safety and reduces the possibility of allergic reactions.

MonoDermà Fillagen intervenes in the physiological aging process of the skin, in particular:

– Filling in minor scarring (e.g., scars left by acne) and/or post-traumatic/surgical

– Restore age-dependent loss of hyaluronic acid, improving skin elasticity

– Provide a tightening and volumizing effect: it “plumps” the face and counteracts sagging skin by giving a slight lifting effect and reshaping the face

– volumizing cheekbones

– modeling expression lines


  • Redefining VOLUMES.
  • LIFTING Effect
  • Remodeling of EXPRESSION LINES.
  • Chrono and photo AGING
  • CICATRITICAL OUTCOMES post-surgical, traumatic or acne-related outcomes

2 FILLAGEN (after 30 days)
3 FILLAGEN (after 30 days)
4 HA (after 90 days)
Hexacta® injection technique

Pre-filled glass syringe 1 ml

Medical Device CE0477
Product for professional use only, read the warnings on the package insert carefully.

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