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JALOR Style 1x1ml

Volumizing – Light Wrinkles


Jalor Style a new multi-purpose filler that combines durability, manageability and efficacy in one.
Jalor Style is suitable for all types of light and medium-deep wrinkles, to redesign the lip contour and increase its volume.

* The application of the product is reserved only for professional health workers with appropriate qualifications.


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Jalor Style

The most recent physicochemical studies on cross-linking have made it possible to develop a brilliant product that incorporates all the merits desired by medical personnel and patients, namely safety, naturalness, durability and comfort in implantation, into a single solution: hence the formulation of JALOR STYLE, the multipurpose filler for all kinds of aesthetic corrections.

JALOR STYLE will enable:

  • – Treat all types of light and medium-deep wrinkles
  • – Reshape the lip contour and increase its volume


Advances in the field of cosmetic surgery have indicated how multi-purpose fillers are, today, the best possible upgrade, but, the unique features of JALOR STYLE still make it an exclusive product:

  • – Non-animal origin: synthetic sodium hyaluronate obtained by biofermentation
  • – High concentration filler with dual action: 23mg/1ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid with added free hyaluronic acid with biostimulating action
  • – very high molecular weight product (3 million Daltons): this allows us together with cross-linking to maximize its resistance to degradation exerted by hyaluronidases and, therefore, its permanence in tissues
  • – crosslinking with butanedioldiglycid ether (BDDE), the crosslinking agent universally recognized as the least toxic of all, which assures us minimal risk of allergies
  • – monophasic preparation: all products of the JALOR brand are monophasic, meaning no particles, which ensures the homogeneity of the gel and makes implantation more comfortable.



Content 1ml
Concentration HA 23mg/ml
Crosslinking agent BDDE
Degree of cross-linking starstarstar
Dynamic viscosity 500,000 Pa s
Needles 2x 27gr

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