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GUNA Collagen D6 10fle 2ml

Face and Neck Wrinkles


Guna Collagen is a homeopathic medicine with an action of real bio-stimulation of the synthesis of autologous collagen, indicated in the treatment of face and neck wrinkles. The preparation stimulates, with an immunological mechanism, the function of the subcutaneous loose fibrillar connective tissue through a “subliminal” inflammatory process, and carries out a trophic action through the stimulation of the fibroblast to the incretion of autologous collagen.

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Guna Collagen depending on the size of the needle chosen, the injection is performed in different methods:

  • with the 4 mm and 30 G needle the classic intradermal wheals are performed according to the mesotherapy technique.
  • with the 13 mm and 30 G needle the wrinkle is cannulated by moving the needle gently to the right and left and at the same time the contents of the syringe are injected.

The protocol provides for a weekly session for 5-7 weeks.

Warnings for Guna Collagen

It is advisable to pay attention to the conservation of the product. Keep the product out of the reach of children. It is recommended to store at room temperature away from sources of heat and humidity. Keep the product in its original packaging. Always check the expiration date.

How Guna Collagen is made

Collagen D6. Water for injections.


Guna Collagen is sold in box with 10 injectable 2ml ampoules. each.

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