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Aqualyx - Aqueous Solution Pack 10x8ml

Non-surgical liposuction


Aqualyx is a premium fat-resolving product with unbeatable efficacy in the minimally invasive treatment of localized adiposity. Patients who undergo intralipototherapy with or without cavitational adipocytolysis can enjoy permanent removal of fat pockets in various areas of the body (arms, hips, back, stomach, chin, etc.).

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Aqualyx is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. The nonsurgical option in the treatment of localized adiposity. It is a microgelatin solution containing a micro quality of short half-life adipocytotic action molecules, which can modulate and intensify the absorption effect of adipose tissue through external application of radiofrequency and mechanical massage. Aqualyx should be treated only and exclusively through the injection technique called intralipototherapy, with mesotherapy needles from the Lipoinject series and by physicians qualified for the procedure.

Aqualyx is a phosphatidylcholine-free solution in which the main agent that can bring about the destruction of fat cells is a detergent. The detergent dissolves the fat by destroying the cell membrane, thus bringing about the process of adipocytosis.
Aqualyx therefore causes lysis of fat cell membranes, which release water and triglycerides, through the renal pathway, and the latter metabolized to the hepatic filter. Unlike commonly used phosphatidylcholine solutions, Aqualyx is:

Who is the best patient for this treatment
The best effects may be obtained in patients with adequate weight, or slightly overweight with local fat accumulation. Especially in the case of women, with localized adiposity in anatomical areas such as hips, abdomen, buttocks, side hips, love handles, culotte de cheval, inner thigh and groin area, the side inside the knee, double chin, etc. that do not disappear despite diet and exercise.


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