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LIPOINJECT Intralipotherapy 24G/100mm

Needles for intralipototherapy

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Disposable needles, sterile apirogens, non-toxic.
Pack of 20 needles.

Specifically designed for the injection technique called intralipotherapy. Made of German steel of the highest quality, they guarantee a facilitated and painless penetration and of a caliber defined by a specific study of the flows for a selective and homogeneous infiltration. Available in two different versions for the treatment of small and large body areas.

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The Lipoinject 24G intralipotherapy needle is designed for use in fat dissolution procedures. They are intended for use in medium/large areas.

24 G 0.55x100mm

Benefits of Lipoinject 24G intralipotherapy needles:
It allows easy and relatively painless injection of fat dissolving solution with easy control depth and uniform product distribution for better results.

Lipoinject can be used in combination with an intralipotherapy product such as Aqualyx that helps dissolve fat in unwanted areas of the body.


MARLLOR Biomedical


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