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JUVEDERM Volift with Lidocaine - 2x1ml


JUVÉDERM® VOLIFT® with Lidocaine is designed to smooth the deepest wrinkles and restore more natural contours and a fresher appearance to the face.

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Juvèderm Volift is a hyaluronic acid-based filler, for subcutaneous use, of nonanimal origin, sold in single-use, prefilled syringes.
The use of this medical device is indicated for filling deep wrinkles by injecting the product into the dermis so that wrinkles and lines in the face are filled so that the skin regains its volume naturally.
It is indicated, in fact, for the filling of nasolabial folds but also for those of cheeks and chin.
Also present is a small percentage of lidocaine, a mild anesthetic, which can reduce the pain sensation associated with the injection.
Competent and qualified personnel are always recommended to administer Juvèderm Volift.

What is Juvèderm Volift used for?

Juvèderm Volift is an aesthetic medicine treatment useful for filling deep naso-labial, cheek and chin wrinkles.

How and when is Juvèderm Volift used?

The administration of this filler must be carried out by a competent physician, according to current local regulations.
Disinfect the area to be treated thoroughly; inject the product slowly; massage the area gently to promote proper distribution of the product.
The amount of product to be injected depends on the area to be treated.
The duration of treatment can be up to 18 months.

Side effects

Side effects may occur such as : redness, edema, erythema, itching, pain to the touch, induration or nodules at the injection site, poor filling effect.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the components.
Contraindicated in the presence of skin diseases, ongoing herpes infection, autoimmune skin diseases and collagen diseases, individuals suffering from epilepsy.
Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.

Composition of Juvèderm Volift

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid gel 17.5 mg; Lidocaine hydrochloride 3 mg; Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 quantum satis 1 ml

How do you store Juvèderm Volift?

Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources that could compromise its integrity.

Useful tips and trivia related to Juvèderm Volift

Fillers such as Juvèderm Volift are widely used aesthetic medicine treatments, especially in recent years.
Through the administration of these products based on hyaluronic acid, a resorbable substance with numerous beneficial effects on the skin, it is possible to fill in sagging skin and give the skin a younger appearance in a very natural way.
Juvèderm products, unlike any other hyaluronic acid product, are dermal and therefore allow the substance to reach deep into the skin; they are also softer than other fillers on the market, making them easier to inject.

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