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Hymovis Intra-articular Syringe 2x24mg/3ml

Restoring Joints

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Hymovis® is indicated for the treatment of pain in osteoarthritis, conservative treatment of meniscal injury of the knee, and improvement of joint mobility by increasing the viscoelasticity of synovial fluid.

A course of treatment in osteoarthritis consists of two injections given at one-week intervals from each other. A course of treatment in joints with meniscus injury consists of two injections administered at two-week intervals from each other.

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Hymovis is a hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel, recommended by our physicians in the treatment of osteoarthritis and meniscus injuries at the knee level in the case of active patients.

Treatment with Hymovis consists of two doses of 24 mg/3 ml, injected at seven-day intervals. It is based on linear hyaluronic acid, presenting two very important aspects, namely:

  • durability, so that active, sports-oriented people benefit from a viscosupplement that is durable and strong enough to cope with repetitive joint loading;
  • safety, because it is based on a linear hyaluronic acid that, compared with hyaluronic acid with a cross-linked chemical structure, has no adverse effects.

Other important properties of Hymovis hyaluronic acid that contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment are:

  • Increased viscoelasticity;
  • resistance to major and repeated mechanical stresses and torsion;
  • Increased persistence in the joint up to 28 days.

In terms of the chemical structure of the solution, Hymovis contains a lattice of hyaluronic acid-derived molecules, stabilized with the help of side chains linked by reversible hydrophobic interactions, which in fact confers greater viscoelasticity and stability.


What are the benefits of Hymovis treatment?

The team behind the Hymovis concept understands how important it is for an athlete to return to athletic activity after an injury or after the onset of a medical condition, which is why numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of Hymovis hyaluronic acid compared to a hyaluronic acid with a cross-linked chemical structure.

Therefore, studies have demonstrated clinical efficacy over a 12-month period in treating patients with osteoarthritis, being very well tolerated by patients with this condition.

The biological effects of Hymovis hyaluronic acid were much more effective than those of hyaluronic acid with a cross-linked chemical structure.

Another very important aspect demonstrated by the results of the studies is the much more effective effect of Hymovis hyaluronic acid in the conservative treatment of meniscus injuries at the knee level.



The effects of Hymovis hyaluronic acid in the two previously mentioned diseases are increased cartilage volume and thickness in the lateral compartment of the knee, reduced cartilage catabolism, reduced signs of synovitis, symptomatic pain relief, and improved joint function.

Hymovis hyaluronic acid has also been shown to have a much lower coefficient of friction, presenting the greatest degree of improvement from a clinical point of view, compared with hyaluronic acid with a cross-linked chemical structure used in the studies.

All these effects led to the use and recommendation of Hymovis hyaluronic acid by our physicians, with amazing results observed in all patients who benefited from Hymovis infiltration


Why choose Hymovis?

It has a number of benefits that make it unique compared with other hyaluronic acid injectable treatments, namely:

  • Hymovis represents a state-of-the-art hyaluronic acid indicated in the treatment of osteoarthritis and conservative treatment of meniscus injuries at the knee level;
  • has unique biological effects and mechanical properties that facilitate pain relief and improve joint function;
  • studies conducted on the effect of Hymovis treatment have shown complete structural recovery after mechanical stress, unlike cross-linked hyaluronic acid products;
  • the same studies have shown that it has a stronger lubricating effect on cartilage than other hyaluronic acid products;
  • protects intra-articular tissues, thereby promoting cartilage matrix turnover;
  • is an easy and convenient treatment consisting of two infiltrations, each containing a dose of 24 mg/3 ml, administered at a seven-day interval.

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