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GUNA MADE 10fle 2ml

Face and Neck Biolifting


It is a homeopathic medicine with a biological revitalization action on the face, specifically indicated for the treatment of facial wrinkles, biolifting of the face and neck. The preparation has a firming effect as it favors a “compacting” of the fundamental substance, and at an aesthetic level, the reduction of wrinkles.

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It is a homeopathic medicine formulated with enzymatic catalysts active on cellular respiration with an anti-oxidative action, classic homeopathic remedies with a drainage action and active on the constitution, typical homotoxicological remedies such as the “suis” organotherapy whose cell revitalization action is known. Furthermore, there is Hyaluronidase which, at homeopathic dilutions D8 / D30, performs a regularization and brake action on the physiologically destructuring activity of the autologous Hyaluronidase, both by specific activating principles of the production of autologous collagen.

How to use the injectable vials

• with the 4 mm and 30 G needle, the classic intradermal wheals are performed according to the mesotherapy technique.
• with the 13 mm and 30 G needle the wrinkle is cannulated by moving the needle gently to the right and left and at the same time the contents of the syringe are injected.
The protocol provides for a weekly session for 5-7 weeks.


Pack of 10 injectable ampoules of 2 ml. each.

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