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B-SELFIE DEEP TENSOR is. The first do-it-yourself intraepidermal lifting treatment.

B-SELFIE DEEP TENSOR is a serum with a high concentration of lifting and anti-aging actives that can be administered directly into the epidermis, thanks to a brand new technology equipped with a micro-injection head that is safe, easy to use and completely painless.

Instant lifting effect for an immediately relaxed, redefined and intensely younger looking face thanks to a powerful and balanced formulation with 3 different types of Hyaluronic Acid, amino acids, Pseudo Alteromonas Ferment Extract, Red Snow Seaweed Extract, B-group vitamin complex (vitamin B3, B12 ,B5), Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Acetyl Exapeptide-8 and silver ions.


  • Immediate three-dimensional lifting effect
  • Anti-gravity effect
  • Expression wrinkles stretched out
  • Re-defined facial contours
  • Increased skin tone and elasticity
  • Radiant skin with even texture
  • Powerful anti-aging action

What it contains:

  • 2 predosed and disposable reservoirs of 5 mL each
  • 1 sterile head with 0.5mm micro-needles for intraepidermal delivery to be used for both reservoirs
  • 1 nozzle applicator for topical application (cream type)

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B-SELFIE DEEP TENSOR: the effectiveness of deep stimulation

The micro-injective capacity of the B-SELFIE DEEP TENSOR head unleashes a powerful synergy
between the lifting, anti-aging substances and the enhancement of the physiological process of skin repair, a consequence of the controlled damage generated by the device’s micro-needles.

can easily and painlessly deliver highly bioavailable lifting and anti-aging substances directly into the epidermis.


Why does it work?

thanks to the
patented system
of delivering its incredible
lifting serum
, it allows absorption of active substances
30 times more effective
than a traditional topically applied cosmetic.

B-SELFIE DEEP TENSOR: the first non-surgical facelift

An exciting do-it-yourself beauty treatment for an immediate lifting effect and powerful anti-aging action.


Lifting effect

An immediate, completely painless, do-it-yourself facelift that can reverse the aging process.
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
is an extraordinary substance also known as

reverse aging peptide

(reverse aging peptide) that promotes a lifting and botox-like effect by reducing muscle stiffness and increasing epidermal elasticity.

Expression wrinkles stretched out

Acetyl Octapeptide-3
reduces the production of
and the ability of muscles to corrugate, in a botox-like manner (in fact, these peptides are also called botox-like). This peptide also exerts a powerful anti-aging action.

Re-defined facial contours

Snow Red Algae Extract
Increases collagen production by making the skin firm. The point of action is rejuvenation and strengthening of the dermo-epidermal junction, which gives new elasticity and hydration.

Increased tone, elasticity and hydration

Three different types of hyaluronic acid: Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.
They have moisturizing, repairing, regenerative, and elasticizing properties, make the skin firmer, plumped and redensified, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and slow their appearance.

In particular, the
Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid
stimulates the endogenous production of
, promotes
the filler effect
while also stimulating the production of natural Hyaluronic acid.

Anti-aging action for glowing and even skin tone

The vitamin complex B3, B12, B5
with lightening, brightening and sebum-regulating action, has antioxidant capabilities that can fight skin aging.

This vitamin complex also restores the skin barrier by preventing the skin from losing moisture, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and is involved in cell repair processes.

soothes and restores the skin barrier by reducing moisture loss; has antioxidant capabilities preventing premature skin aging; stimulates lipid production and the formation of collagen and elastin. It has lightening power and has sebum-regulating and antibacterial activity.

When is the result manifested?

Already while performing the treatment, a marked improvement in skin texture and tone as well as an increase in facial radiance and reduction of wrinkles can be felt, but the result will continue to improve in the five days following the treatment and will be maintained for a full cell cycle.


How to use


The watchword is delicacy.

  • Cleanse and disinfect your face and neck, take the sterile head out of the package and screw it onto the syringe.
  • Place the syringe vertically on the skin by applying gentle pressure on the plunger to inject the serum directly into the epidermis.
  • Follow the pull lines given in the operating instructions.

  • Warning:
    to perform the treatment correctly in total safety you must know that there are 4 areas of the face where you will not have to inject the product, but simply facilitate its passage into the epidermis.
    You will find everything indicated on the package insert that you will receive with the product.
  • When finished applying the product, with clean, disinfected hands, massage off excess serum until fully absorbed.
  • Close the treatment by applying the soothing mask and leave it on for 20 minutes.

B-SELFIE – The do-it-yourself beauty

B-SELFIE is an Italian beauty brand that has revolutionized home skincare through the first do-it-yourself filler.
It promotes beauty through the use of methods that were previously for professional use only.

B-SELFIE: research and innovation at the service of your beauty

We are an innovative SME that has captured the attention and hearts of Celebrities and the Star System, distinguishing ourselves in the cosmetics scene through a new concept of customized, do-it-yourself beauty.
A revolution in the world of facial and body beauty: lifting, regenerating and revitalizing facial treatments through new micro-injection methods to which is added a line of ultra filler serums and creams for the eye contour, face and lips.
Innovative momentum also in do-it-yourself body treatments through targeted treatments of the critical areas that most highlight cellulite blemishes.
B-SELFIE also opens its catalog to textile cosmetics, garments to be worn for the reduction of localized fat, the restoration of the lymphatic venous system in order to promote the drainage of toxins and excess fluids, combat cellulite imperfections and reshape the silhouette.

B-SELFIE positions itself in the global beauty care arena beyond cosmetological innovation, rewriting do-it-yourself methods and protocols with conservative and anti-aging purposes for total beauty that is accessible to all.

Our mission: to make the generated results of aesthetic medicine and professional aesthetics superimposable with home and DIY results

Our journey began with an ambitious dream: to transform the way people take care of their beauty. Give them a do-it-yourself, fast, safe, intuitive and highly effective tool to take care of their face and body while achieving results equivalent to those obtained through professional treatments.
A simple, inclusive and accessible project that is implemented through safe and effective DIY methods.

Straddling the line between aesthetic medicine and home beauty treatments, our research and development activity places B-SELFIE’s cosmetic proposition beyond the boundaries of advanced aesthetics.



The Physician’s Opinion

What does the Aesthetic Physician say?

Here is the opinion of Dr. Andrea Piccardi:

A brand new clinically proven lifting formulation that reverses the aging process using revolutionary DEEP technology.

The innovative delivery method, allows the serum to diffuse deep into the skin, enabling even large molecules to penetrate the skin tissue. Its balanced composition of lifting, relaxing, moisturizing and anti-aging elements allows for an effective, safe treatment without negative outcomes and/or side effects.

Three types of hyaluronic acid provide moisturizing action, while promoting the assimilation of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 molecules, which, together with vitamins, is the lifting heart of the formulation.

The main players in the formulation are as mentioned Acetyl hexapeptide-8 for a lifting effect that can reduce muscle stiffness and improve elasticity, 3 types of Haluonic Acid: Low-Molecular-Weight Hyaluronic Acid for a tightening effect and a redensifying and plumping filler effect, Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid for a filling and volumizing effect with antiradical action, andHigh-Molecular-WeightHyaluronic Acid for a film-forming, nourishing and elasticizing effect.”

I analyzed the results of the efficacy test conducted by RD Cosmetics-Cosmetics Product Research and Development Center.

The cosmetic-clinical study conducted on 20 female volunteers between the ages of 35 and 65 evinced that the B-SELFIE DEEP TENSOR product used according to protocol helps counteract the signs of aging. In fact, the product already reduces the area and volume of wrinkles and fine lines statistically significantly after a single application.

It should be noted that, already after the application of the treatment, there is a decrease in facial roughness with particular effectiveness in the periocular area. In general, this trend peaks 5 days after treatment, providing statistically significant changes.

The liftante efficacy of B-SELFIE DEEP TENSOR is also corroborated by the positive opinion expressed by the vast majority of volunteers at the end of the treatment on all parameters of anti-aging efficacy and tolerability of the application.

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