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Arthrosis: how to treat it with Hyalubrix hyaluronic acid filler

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Arthrosis, one of the most common joint diseases, which can be treated through treatments for osteoarthritis of various types that aim to alleviate its symptoms. It can be effectively treated with the use of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, among which Hyalubrix stands out. This article gives us an idea of what osteoarthritis is, how it is treated, and shows us how Hyalubrix can be used to relieve osteoarthritis symptoms and improve patients’ quality of life.

What is osteoarthritis and what are its symptoms

Arthrosis is a degenerative disease that affects the joints, causing progressive erosion of cartilage. Generally, osteoarthritis begins to occur after the age of 50, which is why it is a common condition particularly among the older population. Osteoarthritis mainly affects articular cartilage and, as it progresses, also the underlying bone. It mainly affects joints under greater stress, such as the spine (particularly the cervical and lumbar areas), knee, and hip. Especially hip osteoarthritis can be particularly disabling. The main symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, and reduced joint mobility. When osteoarthritis affects several joints at once, it is called polyarthrosis. Although there is no definitive cure, osteoarthritis can be effectively managed by managing its symptoms to improve function and reduce discomfort and thus try to improve the quality of life of the person affected.

Treatment options for osteoarthritis

The main goal in treating osteoarthritis is to improve the patient’s quality of life by reducing pain and increasing joint mobility and function. With a multidisciplinary approach, it is possible to effectively manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis and maintain a high level of activity and independence.
In some cases, especially for hip or knee osteoarthritis, surgery to install a prosthesis is possible. However, when surgery is not necessary or feasible, there are several methods to relieve symptoms:

  1. General Recommendations: Losing weight, wearing appropriate footwear, and using walking aids, such as a cane, can improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  2. Drugs and joint infiltrations: Certain medications or joint infiltrations can be used to facilitate lubrication of the joint and reduce pain.
  3. Physiotherapy and Instrumental Therapies: Treatments such as Tecartherapy, Laser Therapy, Hyperthermia, and Magnetotherapy are effective in reducing pain. Muscle strengthening and exercise can support the joints, improving symptoms and slowing the degenerative process.

Hyalubrix hyaluronic acid filler: an innovative solution

Hyalubrix is a hyaluronic acid-based filler specifically designed to treat osteoarthritis. This product acts as a replacement for synovial fluid, an essential component for proper joint function. The hyaluronic acid in Hyalubrix helps restore the visco-elastic properties of synovial fluid, thereby reducing pain and improving mobility.

How Hyalubrix works in the treatment of osteoarthritis

    1. Intra-Arthritic Injections: Hyalubrix is administered via injections directly into the joint affected by osteoarthritis. These injections must be performed by qualified medical personnel.hyaluronic acid injections
    2. Treatment Cycle: Typical treatment with Hyalubrix involves one cycle of injections, generally once a week for three weeks. If necessary, additional courses of treatment can be given based on the physician’s assessment.


  1. Beneficial Effects: Hyalubrix injections aim to reduce pain, increase joint lubrication, and improve mobility, thus offering significant relief from osteoarthritis symptoms.

Safety and side effects of Hyalubrix

Hyalubrix is generally well tolerated by patients. However, as with any medical treatment, side effects such as transient pain, swelling or effusion in the treated joint may occur. In rare cases, hypersensitivity reactions may occur. It is important to discuss the potential risks and benefits with your doctor before starting treatment.
Joint infiltrations with this hyaluronic acid filler should only be performed by qualified medical personnel, so inappropriate use by unskilled personnel not only fails to ensure the benefits but may even be detrimental to the health of the patient undergoing treatment.

The importance of choosing reliable products

If it is important for the patient to rely on competent and qualified medical personnel, it is equally important for the latter (and, consequently, for the patient) to choose effective and reliable hyaluronic acid filler products. Choosing a reliable product such as Hyalubrix is critical to ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment. The guarantee of the reliability of purchasing Hyalubrix hyaluronic acid filler comes in turn from choosing reliable suppliers such as this is how patients can be assured of receiving an authentic, high-quality product.

Hyalubrix as a solution for osteoarthritis on Bodypharm

In conclusion, Hyalubrix represents an effective and innovative solution for the treatment of osteoarthritis. With its ability to supplement synovial fluid and improve joint function, it offers patients a promising treatment option to manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis and improve their quality of life. With an appropriate course of treatment and the support of a qualified medical team, Hyalubrix can be an effective answer for those seeking pain relief and increased joint mobility.


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