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I-DO SRL - BodyPharm

I-DO SRL, owner of the Bodypharm brand, is the company that deals with parapharmacy, cosmetics and beauty products since 1998, with a line of carefully selected and specific products for every need.

In addition to its Evryal line for professional aesthetics, the company has decided to extend exclusive products and brands dedicated to beauty and physical well-being to retail customers.

In these 22 years we have grown a lot, working with curiosity and not judgment, facing taboos and prejudices in the field of aesthetics, finding solutions more suitable and working for women and men who wish to find again love for oneself and others, perhaps because we have experienced on our skin what it means not to be considered and loved by others.

We have an open-minded approach focused on the service we give to our customers.

We ask questions about everything we believe people may need, leaving out what is not needed.
We only recommend what we love and find useful for our customers.

BodyPharm is focused on the well-being of people, with products checked and certified in their effectiveness by our in-house experts.

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